A Monumental Day

After weeks of hard work and preparation , we finally launched our #youtiaochips on the retail shelves on 9 December 2019 . We are now available in more than 50 Buzz Convenience Stalls islandwide in Singapore.

It was such a great experience to be interacting with our customers live during the launch.

We are grateful for this experience because understanding what the customer is so crucial for us as a young startup. I enjoyed the process of meeting new friends and fans ! Thank you all for your enthusiastic responses and positive feedback about our product.

It was really interesting to watch the expression of consumers when we told them that this was the World's First #youtiaochips. Everyone was very surprised and curious to see what it would taste like. When we told them to background of how this company was founded and what we hoped to achieve, they were more than happy to support us.

These interactions with our customers have taught me many things :

1. Singaporeans do care about #hawkerheritage. They love local food , they are afraid that we may lose our heritage with modernisation. They are happy that young people like us have taken it upon ourselves to innovate traditional food so that its not completely lost

2. Singaporeans love snacks with #innovation. They love snacks, and would like to see new offerings in the market. They would like to see snacks with more local flavours, and would be very curious to see what more could be done in this arena. Many people have given me ideas for the next flavour and I must say some of them were pretty original !

3. Singaporeans are supportive of local #Singapore brands and young people. This is something that I never knew, but Singaporeans are a quite a patriotic bunch ! Many people ask me whether this is Made in Singapore and I am super proud to say that it is.

I want to thank everyone who stopped by to say hi yesterday to us. We are very glad for your support and faith in us.

Lastly, we want to thank our friends & families , the super helpful team at Buzz and our customers who made this launch so successful .

Here's sharing some behind the scene images with everyone

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