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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Being a minority has and I believe always will, define my life. Born and bred in Singapore, a predominantly Chinese society, I was always the only "brown" girl in class, the only "brown" girl in the park, the only "brown" girl in the workplace, and very quickly I learnt that my "brown" status was actually my greatest gift. While all the other kids had to work hard to get noticed, to be heard, standing out in a crowd was never my problem. In fact, having always had the spotlight point in my direction, the desire to be authentic, noticeable and unique has completely shaped my personality, so much so that the thought of an ordinary career and an ordinary life is my greatest fear. And that is perhaps why being an entrepreneur has always interested me, and why I am so proud to call our company Inspired Snacks.

The most basic definition of 'Inspired' or 'Inspiration' is simply the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. This to me is what I wish my life could be like everyday - to constantly be working on something that challenges me, that forces me to think better, think smarter, make more of an impact. But above all, I want to then use what I learn to inspire others. To bring people joy and to give others who are also a minority like me hope that they too can live a successful and happy life.

I know the power of this first hand because I have been extremely blessed throughout my life to have people that inspire me to be better, from my father to my friends and now to my co-founder Audrey. One year ago we barely knew each other. Today, she is one of my closest friends, my pillar of strength, my confidante, my buddy and my consistent source of inspiration. An incredible business women, a loving mother, a dedicated wife and above all, a kick-ass entrepreneur. It is to showcase women like Audrey and to inspire a new generation of women entrepreneurs that we decided to call our brand Inspired Snacks. To me even if our company takes a while to be financially profitable, I have already profited from this venture through our friendship. The Inspired Snacks brand is not about a product, or a business model or even a snack. It is rather an ever-evolving story of our journey meant to show the world that no matter what you look like, where you come from, how old you are or how much money you have - with the right thoughts and inspiration, you can turn uncommonness into greatness.

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