• Bandana Kaur

The Moment

Often times in life, we don't realize how significant a single moment can be -  in the moment itself we go through the motions, we be ourselves, we have the meeting, we move on. But then, before you know it, you're down a whole new life path and everything has changed and you wonder - how did I get here? And then you realize how that one seemingly ordinary moment, was actually the start of something great. 

Audrey and I met in the most innocent of ways - my business needed You Tiao, she was the only supplier that met all our standards. And as with such cases, we set up a meeting to see how we could work together further. You see, my company had been finding ways to bring local ingredients to our rather 'western' menu, and one of the things we had been thinking about for a while was actually You Tiao chips (!) So I set up a meeting with Audrey. 

Within 10 minutes of us meeting, it felt like we had known each other forever. As daughters of family businesses, we were in a unique position that very few of our peer groups experience. We faced problems and challenges that others can't quite understand and we have an extra burden on our shoulders to keep our father's legacies alive. What was supposed to be a 10 minute meeting turned into an hour with the promise of a coffee catch-up. As first 'dates' go, this was absolutely perfect. 

I then decided to clue in Audrey on what we were working on, and we decided to start our own company separate (but dependent) on our family businesses. We called the company Inspired Snacks to represent our vision for the future, to inspire and to be inspired everyday of our lives. We quickly started working on doing research and development, packaging design, spent countless of hours in the kitchen and now, fast forward 15 months later, we are less than 24 hours away from launching in fifty buzz convenience outlets. 

15 months ago I didn't know Audrey or anything about You Tiao. Today writing this post I wonder - what if I had called a different supplier? What if we had decided to pursue a different snack?

I think to myself just how many little moments had to come together in the universe, how many things both of us had to go through in our lives to bring us in the exact time and place to have that fateful meeting that would put us on a path that finally feels right for both of us. And just as fate had brought us together, it continued to bring us moment after moment until we met the incredible people at Buzz who have guided us and helped us in so many ways to put our idea on the shelf.

We're so grateful and excited to be launching tomorrow (9 Dec) at all Buzz outlets. We will also be personally doing sampling at some key outlets like at CCK, Bedok Interchange, Toa Payoh Interchange, Kovan MRT and Sim Lim Square so if you are in the area, come say hi! :)

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